Closing thoughts on 2008 Conference

Posted by Ms. Ruby Lopez Harper, Jun 25, 2008 0 comments

Wed, Jun 25... Back at the office and reflecting on the conference experience: This was my second conference and I really dove in head first this year. I was a volunteer (which rewards you with a discounted conference fee), presenter (gotta love Career 360), dine-around hostess (which I would have liked to have had gone better) and attendee. My favorite things:

  1. Riding the train from the airport
  2. Meeting new people - WOO Sarah Merritt!!
  3. Being a member of the Emerging Leaders Council (gave me a chance to get more involved in the experience than I think I normally would have been inclined)
  4. Donna Brazile - I'll spare the "boo" references, but suffice to say, this lady is SHARP!! I love her!!
  5. Andrew Zolli - 'nuf said
  6. Having my knowledge validated (sometimes, attending a session doesn't really give me anything NEW, but it does say, "keep going, you are on track" and I need that for where I am in my track.
  7. Learning new stuff - goes without saying, right?

And that's that...looking forward to Seattle!! See you there! Ruby

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