Sunday, June 11, 2017

For many of us it's hard to detach ourselves from work. We've got so much going on that it's difficult to truly enjoy the weekends and our time off because our minds are constantly running with things to do. Chade-Meng Tan noticed this within himself and among his fellow Googlers and, in an effort to fix the issue, created a 7-week mindfulness mediatation course for Google employees called Search Inside Yourself. This course helped his coworkers learn how to separate work from their personal lives, and Google saw it as such a necessity that they asked him to teach full time for their Personal Growth department. Being intentional about resting is so crucial—not just for the obvious personal reasons, but to help boost your creativity and promote success for your business. So relax! Stop what you're doing and go for a quick run/walk, even take a nap, or check out this article to see some other helpful relaxation methods. Our best ideas come when we're least expecting them, so do yourself (and your business) a favor and rest.

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Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness