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We are in a leadership role - so act on it!!

Posted by Alie Wickham, Apr 21, 2010 4 comments

I feel slightly guilty not taking more time to post specifically about the Green Paper - which I believe is wonderful, makes some great points of discussion, and I highly encourage EVERYONE to read - but I must take the time, now, to focus on something that I am always an advocate for and is always on my heart .... Taking on the Leadership Role!!!

Most recently, I read a post by another individual on the ArtsBlog.  I tried looking his name up again, but had no luck in finding it.  Therefore, if you read this blog, please introduce yourself - it was refreshing to listen to you speak your mind.

Therefore, the topic of discussion I would like to bring up is this:

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Cutting the fat & feeling the pain

Posted by Leigh Patton, Apr 19, 2010 1 comment

When I was asked to blog about a green paper on the future of state arts agencies (SAAs), I wasn’t sure the topic would attract much discussion. Most of the people who will read this paper will be grantees, I thought, so what do they care about SAAs as long as they get their grants? And then I read the paper and I realized I had been short-sighted. If you aren’t one of the few SAA employees in our country, you may not feel this paper is of interest to you. But I urge you to reconsider, read it, and join the discussion.

Mr. Tzougros’ thoughts about SAAs reach far into our society and ask what SAAs can be to the ever-changing landscape of the arts in America. His vision of the future SAA “sets our work in a broader ecology, allowing us to make more meaningful connections to other creative industries and public policy issues, enriching our work on behalf of all citizens.” Heady stuff for a government agency which may or may not be appreciated by the majority of citizens anyway.

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Are public art administrators curators?

Posted by Constance White, Apr 19, 2010 14 comments

In this month's ArtNews magazine, I read a book review covering In Curating: Interviews WithTen International Curators. Carolee Thea, author of the book, quoted one curator who shared his innate perspective that, curators are mediators between artists and the public. I couldn't help but think, isn't that what I do (at least part of what I do)?

For the last day-point-five, I have been attending the Arts in the Airport workshop presented by the American Association of Airport Executives. I posed these question over cheese and berries last night, do Public Art Administrators think of themselves as curators? Are we curators? The question evoked/provoked some rather lively discussion. We really delved into the highs and lows of elitism, juxtaposed the field of museology and shared challenging views of how the two fields compare.

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