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Confessions of a Technology Abuser (and the 9+ community arts websites on the path towards rehabilitation)

Posted by Joanna Chin, May 17, 2010 1 comment

In her green paper on community development in the arts, Maryo grounds her tips in the idea that the past helps give context to the present and future. However, an equally important way to contextualize one’s individual project is within the collective body of community arts work being done currently. Unfortunately, getting a handle on the amorphous blob that is “The Field of Community Development in the Arts” is an ever- increasing challenge, particularly given the rapid changes in the way that we store and share information.

Now, I know that as a young professional, I’m supposed to embrace technologies of all kinds and thank the online world for providing 24-hour, instantaneous information. But, sometimes (just sometimes) combing through 29+ pages of  Google search results makes me a little bit nostalgic for the days when the definitive publications on subject W were X, Y, and Z.

That was it.

No thousands of web pages, each containing a kernel of pertinent or significant information. No following trails of links to “x marks the spot” (i.e. that document that’s exactly what you were looking for), only to see the eternally-helpful “Page Not Found!” flash across your computer screen where the jackpot should have been buried.

Alas, those days of old-book smell and the whisper of (paper) pages under fingertips are dwindling and the challenge of finding substantive, legitimate information continues to grow.

Are you ready for slightly-embarrassing confession #2?

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Is Pro Bono the Way to Go? (from Arts Watch)

Posted by Valerie Beaman, May 12, 2010 0 comments

Valerie Beaman

With arts budgets ranging from flat to drastically reduced, it is hard to imagine using this difficult time as a period of investment, but in Community Foundation of Central Florida, Inc. President and CEO Mark Brewer’s blog Investors versus Contributors, he spoke of the need for arts organizations to use this low time in our economy to do as businesses do – invest in infrastructure to be ready when the market returns. But how is this possible with lack of funds and reduced staff?

I was reminded of Mark’s post when I saw the recently released 2010 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey. The report cites the Corporation for National & Community Service’s statistics that cash giving in the United States has declined for the past two years, but the volunteerism rate is increasing. While not all business investors are focused on the arts, the Deloitte survey shows they are quite clearly focused on alleviating social needs of their communities – often with skills-based volunteering of their staff.

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Art therapy: a marriage of passions

Posted by Michelle Dean, May 10, 2010 6 comments

Over the next several months it is my intention to use the Green Paper document as a springboard for discussion regarding the vision for the future of the art therapy profession; obstacles to achieving that vision; and strategies to overcome those obstacles and make that vision a reality. I anticipate the topics will garner lively discussion and much feedback. It is my personal vision that this blog be a welcoming venue for dialog and a platform for exchanging ideas and connection. My goal includes relaying information about art therapy, current trends, and future opportunities, including input from art therapists practicing around the country and possibly the globe. 

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