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Have You Found Your Voice Today?

Posted by Stephanie Hanson, Aug 24, 2009 3 comments

I’m writing this blog post immediately after reading Edward Clapp’s Open Letter to Young Arts Professionals, titled This is Our Emergency.  Edward is the editor and project director for 20UNDER40, “an anthology of critical discourse that aims to collect twenty essays about the future of the arts and arts education – each written by a young arts professional under the age of forty.”

While the 20UNDER40 project has received strong support and praise, there has also been an undercurrent of criticism (as Edward references in his letter).  However, what is more surprising – are the number of letters Edward has received from young arts professionals who have something to say and contribute – but do not feel they have the authority or courage to do so.  Is it possible that so many members of the Gen X and Gen Y generation are afraid to speak out?  What is it that we are worried about – Failure?  Criticism and judgment from our peers?  Losing our jobs?  Engaging in a debate? 

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Gen Y Workers Disappoint? Really?

Posted by Stephanie Hanson, Aug 21, 2009 0 comments

Lets face it:  Young leaders in the arts are not always considered valuable by senior managers at arts organizations.  Sound like a generalization?  Well, it is.  There are some opinions to help back that statement up, but not enough to make a wide assumption about a manager's level of appreciation for his or her younger employees.

That's why I (and many other Emerging Leaders) were surprised when we read this article published by The New York Enterprise Report - scroll down to the section Gen Y Workers Disappoint.  (Courtesy of Emily Peck, Program Manager - Business Committee for the Arts).  The article is reporting survey results of small business owners, and referencing in part the level of satisfaction that business owners have with their Generation Y employees.  In my opinion (and take this for what it's worth), reports such as this are incredibly misleading and damaging. 

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What's Working?

Posted by Randy Engstrom, Jun 21, 2008 1 comment

This marks my first ever foray into the world of BLOG...Please pardon any typos, as I am still a practitioner of the 'Raptor' typing technique, utilizing 3 fingers on each hand...ironic I know being a Seattlite, but I digress.

Yesterday I facilitated my first panel, and it was a great experience.  Perhaps the best part was being able to spend most of the day with my collegue Anne Corbett from Cultural Development Corporation in DC.  She's such an inspiration, and I'm glad the conference gave us so much time to connect personally and professionally.  We were sad that 2 of our original panelists needed to cancel due to tragic circustances, but our stand in, Matthew Kwatinetz, stepped in admirably.  As is turns out, having to 'wing' the panel more than expected worked in our favor, as we had WAY more people show up that the room was capable of holding.  I arrived early and started setting up chairs in a circle; our vision was to host an 'UNpanel', where we went without Power Point and instead tried to facilitate a conversation amongst all the people in the room...

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