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More on Structured Giving (from Effective Leadership of a Cause on Facebook blog series)

Posted by MacEwen Patterson, Oct 05, 2009 0 comments

Last entry we covered Personal Pledges. Those are great as an individual and encouraging people to do that is really powerful. It helps people see that the circumstances of their lives can align to support their goals, even when it seems impossible at first.

Its amazing what $10 can prove to people. Also, the feeling that people get when they give to something important to them is huge.

When I got started with Keep the Arts In Public Schools our average giving was around $400 per week. We now average around $1000 per week and its going up.

Another place to encourage people to go is to set-up a monthly contribution. This can make a huge difference for a Cause that genuinely wants to have an impact. With a membership that regularly contributes $10 a month, instead of twice or three times a year, the possible leverage can quadruple.

Our membership (they probably don't even know this) have been recognized in national newspapers for their level of contribution, and most of them only give once or twice a year. Imagine if our Million plus membership gave $10 each a month.

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Five Tips For Marketing Your Art to Groups

Posted by Adam Thurman, Oct 02, 2009 1 comment

As an arts marketing blogger I have covered a lot of stuff. But one thing I haven't covered enough is how to bring in groups to see your work.

Having a group sales strategy is key for arts organizations, particularly ones that perform in smaller venues. Not only do groups feel up those seats, they also bring in a very nice energy to the event. So let's talk about how to get them in:

1. Start early. Most organizations that bring groups to events starting planning those group outings months in advance. For example, the show my day job is running now starting contacting groups in late May.So if you want to start bringing in groups for your late winter, early spring events, the time to get moving on that is now.

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How I Threw My First Contribution Away...Almost (from Effective Leadership of a Cause on Facebook blog series)

Posted by MacEwen Patterson, Oct 01, 2009 0 comments

Just like I set a ridiculous goal for myself, it is possible to set individual goals inside a Cause on Facebook.

So, my initial gift of $500 to the Cause I joined - Keep the Arts In Public Schools - did not achieve nearly as much as it could. Had I looked closely at the structure of giving in Causes I would have created far more impact.

In Causes you can set up a Personal Pledge, a Fundraising Goal, and a Donor Match.

The first, a Personal Pledge is a declaration to the community that by a certain date you'll achieve a level of contribution. It opens a space for people to encourage you, and it creates an aim for you to shoot for. I've found that by pledging a certain amount by a certain time, the circumstances of life organize themselves in surprising ways to support the word we give.

Somehow, the circumstances in our life respond to what is important to us. And Pledging is important on many levels.

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