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NAMP conference

Posted by Terence McFarland, Nov 10, 2008 0 comments

Blogging has begun!

Pre-conference pricing institute.

For those of you who deal with a box office day in, day out, keep your eye out for Steven Roth, Alan Brown and  Tim Baker and The Pricing Intitute . Their session laid out the fundamentals to analyzing ticket buying patterns and maximizing that data to increase revenue. Talk about priming the pump!

As they said in the presentation, don't leave money on the table.

Check their site and look out for them in your city.

The hotel has a great pool and terrace on the 24th floor. If you're here be sure to check them out.

What the hotel doesn't have is great internet connectivity. Maybe I'm being a little West Coast centric, but I've come to expect wireless in conference hotels. Ethernet in the rooms is surprising to me and not being able to log on during sessions is a let down. So I'm left to post at the end of the day rather than in realtime, chrono order be damned!

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One Voice

Posted by Julianne Brienza, Nov 10, 2008 0 comments

Hello, I am Julianne Brienza Executive Director/Founding Member of Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC. This is my first post from my first NAMP conference. I should also say this is my first conference.

The day started off with a wonderful welcome by Houston’s mayor Bill White. He was pretty cool and well spoken. The thing that stuck with me from his welcome was “we do not have an inherited culture we have inherited cultures.”

After Bill’s welcome we were greeted by Ed Keller. Who apparently is very familiar to the audience here at the conference. I had not heard of him. He spoke about and his business deals with word of mouth research. This is of a lot of interest to me…because 58 percent of Capital Fringes audience learns about us by word of mouth. He did have some good language that he used—like find the influencers in your community and get them to spread the word for you. During his talk a man stood up and gave some great advice…he said to add to every page of your website “ forward to a friend.”  This really hit—I am thing to make our website more like a blog. That it is always active and has voice. We do not have a traditional I have found no real reason or time for us to being one yet.

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