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Art As Shared Experience, Part I

Posted by Alan Nunez, Dec 20, 2008 3 comments

I enjoyed Adam's (first) post, 'Arts as a Hub' very much. As an arts educator with a new visual arts center in Harlem, we're constantly thinking about how we can make ourselves a resource to the community that slowly and surely embeds itself into its fabric. It also goes along with Shane's blog that postulates, 'What Is Your Worth?'. These are hard questions for any organization to ask itself and I'm not sure whether it's more challenging since we're only five months in. Part of me actually thinks that it's not any more difficult, just that the pool that we get our answers from are very different. It has much less to do with history and tradition, and much more to do with innovation and need.

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Art As The Hub

Posted by Adam Thurman, Dec 19, 2008 7 comments

My name is Adam Thurman and I'm honored to be joining the ranks of Americans for the Arts bloggers.

As my way of getting the party started, my first post will look at what is often missing in the relationship between artists and their audience.

Hopefully it will help you see your work in the arts in a slightly different light . . . or maybe it will cause you to send me an email about how I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Either one of those reactions is fine with me.

So let's see which one it will be . . . right after this brief intro

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Arts Ed and the New Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Posted by John Abodeely, Dec 18, 2008 0 comments

Arne Duncan, Chicago Public Schools Superintendent, will be put forward by Obama as Secretary of Education - the head of the US Department of Education. The Washington Post summed him up like this: "In seven years as chief executive of the Chicago school system, Arne Duncan earned a reputation as a leader who pushed for strong measures to improve schools but also reached out to the teachers union and the community." Meh.

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What Is Your Worth?

Posted by Shane Hudson, Dec 17, 2008 2 comments

Performing arts organizations all across the country are seeing difficult times. From Broadway to Kansas City to Santa Cruz, times are tough and getting tougher. Many organizations will close and many more will cut programming and outreach. Staffs will get smaller and everyone will learn to do more with less. Will your organization make it? What impact would the closing of your organization have on your community?

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Interview, Part II: Behind the Scenes

Posted by Christopher Jagers, Dec 16, 2008 0 comments

Interview by Christopher Jagers (CEO, SlideRoom) with Jay Sullivan, Professor of Sculpture and Chair, Division of Art: Meadows School of the Arts. This is the second of two parts: 1)In the Public Eye and 2) Behind the scenes.

Part II, Behind the Scenes

CJ: In regard to education, is there much communication between Public Art agencies and the Universities?

There is not much. If there is, it usually comes from the University making an initiative. Sometimes we propose to do something. 

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