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Business pARTnerships: THE BCA TEN 2010 (from Arts Watch)

Posted by Timarie Harrigan, Feb 03, 2010 1 comment

Last month, as hundreds of thousands of New York City sight-seers walked through Times Square, the message of arts education was promoted through an interesting partnership of arts and business. For an entire week in January, MTV aired Americans for the Arts’ The Arts. Ask for More. public service awareness campaign television ad Raisin Brahms four times per hour on MTV 44 ½, one of the largest high definition screens in Times Square.

As an entertainment industry stronghold that believes in the power of the arts, MTV leads by example—showing other companies that supporting the arts is crucial to creativity, learning, a powerful workforce, and a strong economy. This collaborative effort is a great example of creative partnerships between business and the arts.

Each year at THE BCA TEN: Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America gala, businesses are celebrated for their support of the arts, including partnerships with arts organizations, sponsorships, leadership, grants, and other cross sector collaborative efforts. In November, the Business Committee for the Arts will once again come together to celebrate THE BCA TEN 2010.

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Indicators that Tell a Broad Story of the Arts

Posted by Jennifer Novak-Leonard, Jan 26, 2010 0 comments

At a time when the arts and culture community’s understanding of itself is shifting away from traditional conceptions of “arts participation” (i.e. attendance) and focus on publicly-supported business models, creating an empirical index such as the National Arts Index (NAI) is a daunting task. The challenge is that many arts-related data sources are anchored in conventional conceptions of the sector.  Consequently, the NAI makes huge steps forward by including both for- and non-profit indicators, by including indicators of personal participation, and by shedding light on lesser-utilized data sources (see pages 131-134 of the report).

The arts and culture sector seems to be moving toward a broader, more holistic, understanding of itself – one that spans a larger swath of the ‘cultural ecology’ – including professional arts, participatory practice and cultural literacy.  The cultural ecology framework developed by John Kreidler and Philip J. Trounstine in their 2005 Creative Community Index report (page 6) is a simple and elegant depiction of the cultural system. As we in the field continue to develop this broader self-definition, participatory practice and cultural literacy will need to be characterized at the same level of detail as indicators currently included in the NAI.

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Business Leaders as Arts Advocates (from Arts Watch)

Posted by Emily Peck, Dec 09, 2009 1 comment

A few weeks ago, business leaders gathered in New York City to celebrate the companies named to THE BCA TEN: Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America.

I was encouraged and inspired by the passion that CEOs from across the country had for supporting the arts and arts education even in a time of economic uncertainty. These CEOs truly value the role the arts could play in recruiting and retaining employees, building communities, stimulating the economy, and inspiring creativity.

The tremendous support for the arts from the business leaders resonated with all of the people in the room, and reaffirmed the role these companies play in the arts in their communities and nationally. A recent Harris Poll reported that 37 percent of U.S. adults find business leaders to be the most persuasive endorsers of products, beating athletes (21 percent), television or movie stars (18 percent), singers or musicians (14 percent), and former political figures (10 percent). Listening to these CEOs, I could see how this is true.

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