In 20-30 minutes, this guide will help you clearly articulate your personal brand and unique story, so that you can beautifully and genuinely connect with your ideal audience, allowing you more time to actually make your work.

If you’ve downloaded this guide, chances are that you’re an artist or creative entrepreneur who might feel one or all of the following:

  • †Inadequate at articulating what you do (your brand) in person, in writing, and online
  • Overwhelmed with balancing making work, marketing, business and life
  • †A strong need to make more money from your art or creative work, and get the major opportunities that will propel your career further
Jones, Sarah & Wenglowskyj, Andrea
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ARTISTS & CREATIVES: Define your personal brand in 3 steps
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As a small business owner—artists and creative entrepreneurs, that’s you—you may be unsure of your personal brand. You may be thinking, “Do I even need one? ‘Brand’ sounds like a word that only corporate companies use.” We 100% understand that thought process. We once thought that, too. But you do have a serious business: your work. And you do indeed have a personal brand; it already exists within you.
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