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A Compelling Defense

Posted by Krista Lang Blackwood, Nov 16, 2011 0 comments

Krista Lang Blackwood

Krista Lang Blackwood

This past summer I sat in a room at the Americans for Arts Annual Convention on a beautiful afternoon and listened to folks from Memphis talk about how art and business have created a partnership that works (you can find a longer blog post about it here).

The conversation wasn’t what I expected to hear.

I expected to hear the tired old platitudes about the ROI arts can provide; pie graphs, bar graphs, numbers galore. Bottom line revenue creation. Profit points. Cost projections. Economic development. Blah, blah, blah...

But as I stiffened my spine to sit through another pile of accounting  buzzwords, the corporate guy got up and said, “When we’re trying to hire quality people, the town’s cultural footprint is important in attracting the right kind of people.” In short, “I don’t really care about the arts themselves or the money the arts can make;  I only use them as a tool to make sure we get quality employees.”

There was a palpable, audible, unified grumble that cascaded across the room. However, I leaned forward in my chair, newly in love with this guy who cut through the bull and told it like it is.

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There's a Movement Afoot...

Posted by Emily Peck, Jun 18, 2011 1 comment

Emily Peck

Emily Peck

On Friday, as the sun made it's daily appearance over the Bay, Ray Pohlman from AutoZone asked us to pretend it was February in Minnesota and resist the urge to head out to the pool. For those of us who took his advice, it was worth it.

We got to hear why companies you might not expect including an auto parts company and an airplane manufacturer care about the arts.

According to Ray Pohlman, supporting the arts at AutoZone is for business reasons. They wouldn't do it if wasn't meaningful to the bottom line.

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Mayors, Higher Education, & The Arts

Posted by Ron Jones, Jun 14, 2011 0 comments

Ron Jones

Institutions of higher education and the communities in which they reside must be collaborators, and they must mutually seek beneficial ways to partner.

Nowhere is this more critical than the arts. Put another way, the arts in higher education must be part of and inseparably linked to, and woven into, the fabric of the community in which they exist.

Most everyone will agree with the above. The mayor of virtually every city in this country has probably been quoted as saying something like, “The arts are our heart and soul and must be part of our future.”

I would imagine that at national and regional workshops on “How to be a Two-Term Mayor,” there is an emphasis on how to speak embracingly of the arts, how to create an environment where the arts are central to the vibrancy of a city, and how to energize and focus artists so neighborhoods can be transformed.

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