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Designing the Experience of Art in the Workplace

Posted by Alexandra Kadlec, Dec 17, 2015 0 comments

Corporate art collecting may be motivated by a number of objectives, from creating an aesthetically pleasing work environment to fostering employee engagement to strengthening a company’s image. Businesses that place a high value on art within and beyond the workplace likewise demonstrate an appreciation for innovation, creativity and corporate social responsibility. For the global furniture, interior architecture, and technology company Steelcase, corporate art collecting has created a thriving interplay between art, design and inspiration over the course of its 103-year history.

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Nexus of Artist Innovation + Health + Exponential Technology

Posted by Josh Miller, Theo Edmonds, Dec 03, 2015 0 comments

Crowd-sourced genomic data, 3D printed hearts, robotic surgeries, dramatic shifts in medical education and population health–the future of how we think about, define and create health is exponentially changing–which is why we are pioneering new roles for artists in this ever-changing industry and societal landscape.

At Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference, co-founder Peter Diamandis said, “You are the CEO of your own health.” But, when there is systemic racism in clinical trials, inequality in access to care, and discrepancies between how medical practitioners define health and how different communities do, new approaches must come forth which empower both people and systems to fully realize a culture of health.

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“C is for...” Creative Messaging Through the Arts

Posted by Ms. Stacy Lasner, Nov 19, 2015 0 comments

If I ask what “C is for,” many of you reading this would probably respond by recalling the lyrics of Cookie Monster’s famous song. Throughout history, from the cave wall to the Facebook wall, art has forged connections by communicating specific ideas and emotions in a relatable, memorable way. The idea that art can be used not only to entertain, but also to communicate important messages, has been demonstrated effectively by educational children’s television shows. Numerous studies over the years have shown that children who watched Sesame Street programming outperformed their peers in English, math, and science, and had more positive attitudes toward school.

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Arts Embedded in Corporate DNA at Goldman Properties

Posted by Laura Bruney, Nov 16, 2015 0 comments

This piece by Laura Bruney of the Arts & Business Council of Miami was originally published on their blog,

When Jessica Goldman-Srebnick moved to Miami 18 years ago to work with her father, the iconic Tony Goldman, she felt like a fish out of water. The whole city was quickly becoming a serious place for business and she found her niche, fell in love with South Florida and put down roots. Since becoming CEO in 2012, this innovator and change-maker has put her own stamp on Goldman Properties with her unique vision and creative flair. The company is firmly embedded in the fabric of Miami-Dade with the arts playing a leading role in many of their projects and investments. I sat down to talk with Ms. Goldman-Srebnick, in her sunny South Beach office, about her vision for Goldman Properties and how the arts are embedded in their corporate DNA.

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Attracting Skills-Based Arts Volunteers in the Age of Options

Posted by Robin Hanson, Oct 29, 2015 0 comments

Last year during Pro Bono Week, Arizona Citizens for the Arts held a series of pro bono orientations with three goals for our Business Volunteers for the Arts program, which we relaunched in 2013:

a) increase visibility of existing pro bono service activity;

b) increase understanding of pro bono needs in the community; and

c) increase pro bono service being provided in the high need areas for nonprofits.

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Empower your conversations with new data: What executives really think about the impact of the arts on workforce skills

Posted by Mr. Bruce E. Whitacre, Oct 26, 2015 1 comment

Does business have any skin in the arts education game? And if they do, can we rally business support to help ensure that all students have access to arts education? After all, business has been in the forefront of other social change movements, such as LGBT marriage rights.  Besides business, can we also make a stronger justification for the role of the arts in strengthening our workforce to educators, policy makers, and governments? 

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