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You Can’t Breathe the Air and Not Participate

Posted by Ms. Kathy Jennings, Jul 25, 2016 0 comments

Everyone has to be part of the change. We have an obligation not to just sit and complain. If you’re not part of the process, you can’t complain about the outcome. I was one of the skeptics—I questioned often, “Is this real?” And in seven years, I’ve watched this place change and then go back, move forward and then fall back. But this time feels different.

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Living Up to the Promises We Made

Posted by Mr. Clayton W. Lord, Jul 25, 2016 0 comments

We are, with this post, launching our first ever blog salon populated by posts from across the staff of Americans for the Arts. As part of our broader work on cultural equity, and our ongoing commitment to being transparent about the internal process we’re going through to become a more equitable organization, we invited our colleagues to reflect on what it means to work toward cultural equity.

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It’s All About our Base

Posted by Ms. Barbara S. Goldstein, Jun 29, 2016 0 comments

Like most urbanized parts of the U.S., Boston’s demographics have changed dramatically in the last 30 years and so has tone of conversation. Anyone who attended this year’s Americans for the Arts conference could see and feel the change. 

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Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Posted by Mr. Edgar L. Smith, Jr., Jun 16, 2016 0 comments

Edgar Smith, Chairman and CEO of World Pac Paper, LLC and BCA Executive Board Chair, gave closing remarks at a recent discussion on cultural equity and the arts, and the role that business leaders play in advocating for both the role of arts and the need for diversity in all aspects of the creative and business worlds. 

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