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Notes from CollaborAction in Providence

Posted by Joel Rainville, Nov 01, 2009 0 comments

As blog submission number one gets posted let me say Providence is a gorgeous backdrop for the work that is being accomplished at this year’s NAMP conference. While sipping on a coke on the flight here I was reading in the in-flight magazine about the top ten locations for observing fall foliage; Vermont was listed, New York, Washington, among other states. Not listed was the state of Rhode Island. During the plane’s descent into Providence’s airport stretched out as far as my eye could see were puffs of green evergreen tree tops and puffy tops in every shade of crimson. These colors are not experienced in Minnesota. The charm of New England has not been lost on me.

The theme for the first day of the conference for me was ACTION!

David Court’s opening plenary was a great way to kick-off or raise the curtain on this year’s conference. David’s remarks reminded me that to be successful there is no one size fits most strategy for attracting audiences to participate in our activities. We must be innovative in our communication strategies and tailor our messaging for the new consumer. Our communication channels have to be on stand-by waiting for the patron to begin an interaction with us on the patron’s timeline and in the patron’s language.

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Blogging from NAMP

Posted by Chad Bauman, Nov 01, 2009 0 comments

Once again I find myself at the National Arts Marketing Project Conference, which is being held this year in Providence, RI. This is my fifth conference, and instead of presenting like I have done in the past, I really wanted to listen in on other sessions to hear what is being discussed. I have been asked to blog about my experiences for Americans for the Arts.

This morning I was lucky enough to sit in on the Every Dollar Counts: Using ROI to Prove Marketing Effectiveness session. I decided to go to the session because one of my favorite arts marketing experts was presenting--Philippe Ravanas, marketing professor at Columbia College and former VP of Corporate Communications for EuroDisney. I have seen him speak at several conferences and he is always extraordinary.

This morning he discussed a situation he found himself in when he was the Manager of Client Development at Christie's in London. Each year, they would produce a beautiful catalog of auction items that they would send to most of their database. These catalogs were highly coveted, and cost the organization $20 a piece to produce, however Philippe noticed that his ROI (return on investment) for these catalogs was poor.

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Art and the Million Dollar Question

Posted by K.E. Semmel, Nov 01, 2009 0 comments

"Art strengthens communities," David N. Cicilline, Providence's mayor, told us at Saturday morning's keynote address, "and helps build civil societies." While this may sound like a cliché, my mind keeps returning to this phrase.

Because it's true.

We talk about the struggling economy. We talk about ways to market our products and raise revenue for our programs—that is, after all, why we're here at NAMP. But lost in the mad dash after attention and cash is, sometimes, the very reason our organizations came into being in the first place: the arts we cultivate.

Of course, we don't lose track of the art our organizations cultivate; we're neck-deep in it every day. We've even given up our weekend to travel to Providence to ply our trade. (Not just any weekend, either. Halloween weekend! How many of you had to check sorry, can't make it on at least one friend's Halloween party Evite? I did on two.)

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Opening Reception at the NAMP Conference

Posted by Sioux Trujillo, Nov 01, 2009 0 comments

Just got back from the opening ceremony held at the RISD museum of art. Their art collection was very impressive. The evening started off  at the museum by being lead up to a narrow escalator when I got off  the escalator I was hit by a cerulean blue wall  with 3 high school  students playing in a quartet. I entered the contemporary gallery and  right away I knew I was in for a treat. They had a Calder, Twonmbly,  Catlett, Pollock, Hoffman, Agnes Martin, and Philip Guston just to name a few. It was wonderful and it was only the first room.  I went  on to see a wonderful print exhibition with a few Albect Durer what an  amazing artist he was so before his time.

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