Royden Mills

Royden Mills teaches Studio Art in Art Fundamentals, Drawing and Inter-media and Contemporary and Figurative Sculpture at the University of Alberta. He has done many large-scale commissions and installations, and collaborative performances nationally and Internationally and has shown extensively internationally. He has enjoyed many successful collaborations including with Sean Caulfield, Catherine Burgess and Walter Jule, Brian Webb and Isabelle Van Grimde Dance Companies. Mills has won many national and regional awards and has served on many committees and juries. In 2014 he won the William Hardy Alexander teaching award and the Faculty of Arts Teaching award at the U. of A. He has coordinated all 32 sections of Art and Design Fundamentals and taught and supervised while maintaining a very strong professional studio practice over many years. In 2017 he Completed a Major Commission for the City of Edmonton using 80,00 Pounds of Stone and welded steel and Analogue sound collection in Terwillegar Park was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Art and won an Alberta Art Foundation Project Grant to Attend the Digital Stone Project in Italy where further work with stone carving using seven axis robotic milling was done. Subsequently the installation “Resonant Progression” in Terwillegar Park was chosen by Americans for the Arts as “One of the most exemplary innovative Public Art Works” in June 2018.