Thank you to the many people who have been blog contributors to, and readers of ArtsBlog over the years. ArtsBlog has long been a space where we uplifted stories from the field that demonstrated how the arts strengthen our communities socially, educationally, and economically; where trends and issues and controversies were called out; and advocacy tools were provided to help you make the case for more arts funding and favorable arts policies.

As part of Americans for the Arts’ recent Strategic Realignment Process, we were asked to evaluate our storytelling communications platforms and evolve the way we share content. As a result, we launched the Designing Our Destiny portal to explore new ways of telling stories and sharing information, one that is consistent with our longtime practice of, “No numbers without a story, and no stories without a number.”

As we put our energy into developing this platform and reevaluate our communications strategies, we have put ArtsBlog on hold. That is, you can read past blog posts, but we are not posting new ones. You can look to the Designing Our Destiny portal and our news items feed on the Americans for the Arts website for stories you would have seen in ArtsBlog in the past.

ArtsBlog will remain online through this year as we determine the best way to archive this valuable resource and the knowledge you’ve shared here.

As ever, we are grateful for your participation in ArtsBlog and thank you for your work in advancing the arts. It is important, and you are important for doing it.

Vegas baby!

Posted by Americans for the Arts, May 16, 2007 2 comments

We at Americans for the Arts are having some fun about the office getting really excited about heading to Las Vegas for the Risk & Reward Annual Convention , so we started to kick around a list of "must see Vegas movies" to watch between now and the end of the month. Of course "Lucky You" is currently showing in a theater near you, but maybe you want to rent some of the movies below  {in no particular order....}

If the list below gets you excited, you will want to make sure you are registered for Convention before it closes this Friday, May 18.

  • Casino. (1995). Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci. Martin Scorcese (Dir.) 
  • The Cooler. (2003). William H. Macy, Alec Baldwin
  • Viva Las Vegas. (1964). Elvis Presley. Gotta see The King in Vegas!

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Give me a "N-A-H-M!"

Posted by Liz Bartolomeo, May 15, 2007 0 comments

The countdown to National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM) 2007 has begun. Americans for the Arts is the online portal for arts organizations celebrating NAHM in their communities this October.

ArtsBlog and the NAHM online toolkit will provide you with up-to-date information, as well as tips and ideas on how you can take part in the only nation-wide celebration of the arts and humanities. Visitors to the website will be able to share their local activities on the national events

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Citizen Membership or Professional Membership

Posted by Americans for the Arts, May 14, 2007 0 comments

Did you ever wonder why you received something in the mail marked as Arts Action Fund when you are already a member of Americans for the Arts? Or receive a renewal notice from Americans for the Arts when you thought you had already renewed? The membership team is here to explain the difference between the two memberships.

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