Finding the Leader in You

Posted by Americans for the Arts, Aug 30, 2007 0 comments

Ann Daly recently gave a women's business conference keynote, Finding the Leader in You. She also also spent several days with a think tank on arts leadership sponsored by the Americans for the Arts. Those experiences have got her to thinking.

If you want to be a leader, below are her top ten pieces of advice. Would you add any? Leave a comment.

1. Think big
Our greatest need isn't for leaders in the arts, it's for leader of the arts. How can you prepare yourself to speak knowledgeably and comfortably not just about the arts, but about how the arts intersect with the rest of our culture and its most pressing issues?

2. Read widely
Unfortunately, and for understandable reasons, our field tends to be insular. Leaders, however, are drawn to big and new ideas (read on). As such, they are hungry for information, trends, and conversations from everywhere in our world, not just in the arts. Get curious.

3. Create new ideas
Ideas are the essence of leadership. If you aren't someone who generates new ideas, then you can serve the field well and significantly as a manager. We are suffering from a shortage of great managers, too.

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