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Feeling faithful...stuck to private sector tract.

Trends in corporate giving and Arts giving from small business. Corporations: volunteer program is the largest growing segment. Good news for cities and regions with BVA programs.

Members of the Corporate Volunteer Council in Los Angeles informed me that creating individual volunteer opportunities for their employees are difficult. It's much easier to sign up 500 people for an AIDS walk. It falls to us to make it easy for the HR departments to tap into their most important asset knowledge capital , allowing us to leverage their knowledge, advice and expertise into stronger, better run arts organizations. However give this a read before you take advice from a corporate type.

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Leading with Limited Authority

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"You can't solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it"

~ Albert Einstein

During Jerry Yositomi's (Meaning Matters, LLC) Leading with Limited Authority session on Friday afternoon, over 60 people reflected upon a time when we independently made an intentional change in ourselves or a project. In our positions, how do we maneuver leading those with authority that supersedes are own?

When people don't know what to do, those charged to make changes in leadership are often resistant to innovation. We question our competency (is designing such a program financially feasible or are we educated enough about the decision at hand to make an informed decision?), capacity (is it realistic for us to challenge our leadership or is it even worth it?), values (both personal and professional/organizational), and confidence (although we want or need something to change, do we have the assurance that we'll be willing to take responsibility for the outcome, whatever the case?).

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