The New-New Deal Part II

Posted by Elizabeth Sweeney, Jan 22, 2009 2 comments

Just as Animating Democracy hit send on the January issue of their E-News noting a new essay on “The New New Deal” by Arlene Goldbard posted on the Community Arts Network (CAN), we received an update from CAN that a second installment of Arlene’s writing had been posted online:  “The New New Deal 2009: Public Service Jobs for Artists?” In this more recent piece, Goldbard picks up where she left off and offers updates on the very latest in arts initiatives being put before the Obama administration in response to The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan announced this month. Onward, she gets down to brass tacks and begins to explore how artists and arts professionals can begin to think about ideas beyond what’s already on the table: perhaps as a new Works Progress Administration (WPA) for artists. Elements of the proposed WPA include initiatives such as: Communities Creating Culture, which would support partnerships between communities and experienced cultural development practitioners; Enlivening Public Institutions, which would supporting teaching artists and others working in social institutions; an ArtistsCorps modeled on AmeriCorps, with significant training components; a National Story Archive aimed at cultural preservation; and Community Cultural Development Centers in neighborhoods nationwide. The whole program has a price-tag of $5 billion—"a sum equal to two weeks worth of Iraq War costs.”

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Replacing the Pillar

Posted by Adam Thurman, Jan 14, 2009 1 comment

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I'll tell you a secret . . .

The declining subscription numbers and aging audiences that are the status quo in the theatre world (and dance, opera, etc.) scares the hell out of a lot of people in the field.

What scares them is not the problem.  It's a problem the more observant ones in the field predicted a decade ago.

What scares them is the solution.

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Want a bailout for the arts? Don't make the ask in an Armani suit

Posted by Chad Bauman, Jan 12, 2009 0 comments

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When the big three automotive CEOs flew separate private jets to Washington, DC to plead for public funds, I remember thinking to myself that I was thankful that I was a publicist and marketing director for a non-profit arts organization. The type of arrogance it takes to fly corporate jets to ask for billions of dollars in public aid surely could only be found in the private sector.

However, recently there has been a dust up about executive compensation in the non-profit arts sector, particularly because as the economy tightens, more and more arts organizations are pleading their case with stakeholders, some going as far as Mr. Kaiser in asking for a government bailout of the arts. Although I have tremendous respect for Mr. Kaiser, I am convinced that perhaps he isn't the best emissary for the non-profit arts--how does it look for a non-profit arts administrator who makes more than $1 million a year in salary to be the champion of the suffering arts scene?

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