Guest Bloggers at Convention

Posted by Americans for the Arts, Jun 11, 2008 3 comments

Convention is right around the corner and I can taste the anticipation in the air! I am hearing from so many people about how excited they are to see each other, to attend sessions and just be in the same room together. Yes, I oversee two program tracks (Leadership and Career360) and I will be working throughout the three+ days. But my convention experience is more than my job. It reconnects me with why I do the work that I do. Sometimes I attend other national convenings and it takes energy away from me. The people at our convention fill me with energy; they feed my soul. I can’t wait.

We have invited some attendees to blog their convention experience and I’d like to take a moment to introduce them now.

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Career 360 Clinics

Posted by Americans for the Arts, Jun 05, 2008 0 comments

Career 360 is a new, innovative dimension of our Annual Convention. So far,
the feedback we have been receiving confirms that lots of people are really
excited about participating in a full menu of discussions, appointments
and sessions.

At Career 360 Clinics, we have the best consultants in the country at your feet.
Looking for advice on your organization’s strategic, fundraising or marketing
plan? What about your community’s cultural policy plan or your local creative
economy initiative? Ask questions about public art master plans. Meet with
some coaches. Talk to arts administration faculty.

To make the most
of this opportunity, come prepared with specific questions, issues and topics.
You will only have 30-minutes – !use it wisely! - but you will get pointed
in the right direction for next steps.

The consultants
listed below will be available for 30-minute appointments. Sign up will be
available at CenterStage on first come, first serve basis.

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Career 360 - Talk Turkey (or Tofu) About Career Development

Posted by Americans for the Arts, May 31, 2008 0 comments

Career 360 is a new dimension of convention this year. It is happening on Saturday afternoon, June 21 and runs concurrently to ArtVenures and Walk&Talks. Looking for some career advice or ways to lead a sustainable career in the arts? This program is for you!

Career 360 begins over lunch with Talk Turkey (or Tofu) and a facilitated roundtable on various career development topics. Grab a sandwich from the buffet in CenterStage and head over to the Philadelphia Ballroom for the following discussions:

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