Tenacious T coming at ya on the 1s and 0s, all-digi-style

Posted by Terence McFarland, Jun 22, 2008 0 comments

Echoing the earlier comments about Zolli, I'm checking the notes I wrote on said iPhone (check the reference in John Arroyo's post earlier today).

Hey Rebecca, how 'bout we have wireless in every session hall next year in Seattle.

They're kinda tech-y there, no? If we had it here, I coulda been live bloggin'.

Here's how it started: with a KICK ASS PRESENTATION and style to boot. Thanks to you, all powerful convention gods!

Now, if only we could get copies of that presentation...will the convention gods strike twice?

Am I being greedy? A Vodcast would be even better!

But I guess that's why he gets the big speakers fees!

Innovation: Creation of new forms of value in anticipation of future demand.

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Zolli - Could he be more...

Posted by Ruby Lopez Harper, Jun 21, 2008 0 comments

The keynote speaker today, Andrew Zolli...amazing! If you missed it, you missed a fast paced presenter with a quick, dry wit, and cynicism. He hit all the key trends and messages that have been circulating over the last couple of years and painted them in such a new light that I felt like it was information I was hearing for the very first time...this time, it made sense...for real... The day has been going well, considering our Emerging Leaders Meeting was interrupted by the fun and fantastic false fire alarm. Even with that, a lot of connections were made and hopefully, we'll see a lot of those faces at the reception tonight.

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What's Working?

Posted by Randy Engstrom, Jun 21, 2008 1 comment

This marks my first ever foray into the world of BLOG...Please pardon any typos, as I am still a practitioner of the 'Raptor' typing technique, utilizing 3 fingers on each hand...ironic I know being a Seattlite, but I digress.

Yesterday I facilitated my first panel, and it was a great experience.  Perhaps the best part was being able to spend most of the day with my collegue Anne Corbett from Cultural Development Corporation in DC.  She's such an inspiration, and I'm glad the conference gave us so much time to connect personally and professionally.  We were sad that 2 of our original panelists needed to cancel due to tragic circustances, but our stand in, Matthew Kwatinetz, stepped in admirably.  As is turns out, having to 'wing' the panel more than expected worked in our favor, as we had WAY more people show up that the room was capable of holding.  I arrived early and started setting up chairs in a circle; our vision was to host an 'UNpanel', where we went without Power Point and instead tried to facilitate a conversation amongst all the people in the room...

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