Work for Art: Using Video to Take a Campaign to a New Level

Posted by Tim Mikulski, Sep 29, 2011 0 comments

The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), serving the Portland (OR) Metropolitan region, has been a driving force for the arts and arts education in that area of the country since 1995. The organization's many programs and services include advocacy, grantmaking, an acclaimed public art program, community services, and a national model arts education program.

Another innovative program that RACC oversees (with the help of a small, dedicated staff) is the Work for Art campaign. Work for Art is a giving initiative that supports arts and culture organizations and arts education in the region primarily through employee charitable campaigns.

Here is Work for Art's excellent video explaining how it works (my favorite part is the boy with the orange shirt and colonial hat):

The Work for Art video is just another example for arts organizations to follow to help better explain your programs whether it be internally, on your website, or posting it on Vimeo for potential partners to see.

After all, we're in the arts, so why not utilize our talents to promote our work?

What are some other great examples of this type of video have you seen?

If you've created one of your own, what was your experience like? Did it become expensive or time consuming? What kind of leads did it generate?

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