What Would You Ask the President?

Posted by Tim Mikulski, Sep 24, 2010 0 comments

As part of NBC News’ Education Nation initiative, Today Show host Matt Lauer is interviewing President Obama about the state of education on Monday morning, 9/27, and you have the opportunity to submit questions via the Education Nation website.  ARTSblog has featured a number of arts events that President Obama's administration has been involved in or hosted at the White House, including hosting the Kennedy Center Honors recipients, welcoming country music artists and music students, and honoring the Coming Up Taller awards recipients.  Now's our chance to ask the President a question about arts education.

It was suggested that instead of having all arts and arts education supporters asking different questions regarding arts education, we should all ask the same question in order to help make our topic stand out to those selecting them. The question our arts education community came up with is:

“Both your administration and your own family have been very supportive of arts education, yet with the budget cuts that are taking place at the local level and testing focused on reading and math – how do you feel the Obama Administration can better support high-quality arts education in America?”

Feel free to copy and paste this question into the submission form and to ask your own individual questions as well. If any arts education questions are asked and answered, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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