Two days down and two to go...

Posted by Ms. Ruby Lopez Harper, Jun 21, 2008 0 comments

I LOVE THIS CONFERENCE!! The advance workshop, Peer-to-Peer Coaching, was so incredible.  It gave the group a set of tools to coach and be coached.  Focus on a tangible, measurable goal! Set commitments! Listen!  There were some clear moments of people finding clarity and validating ideas.  One gentleman really had a break through as a result of the environment in which we all felt safe to share.  INSPIRING!! I felt like I was running around all day, but it is exciting!  I ended the day with an Emerging Leaders Council meeting.  I must recommend the focus groups happening that are related to the goals of the Americans for the Arts.  Check in at CenterStage for more information. This is a chance to hear about what's coming and to provide feedback.

On Saturday, I went to a session on developing business volunteers...unfortunately, nothing new for me, but it was informative for those that have not had exposure before.  My best session of the day was the last session—Philadelphia's Firsts!!  I was so intrigued by the vast public art collection and committed renovations.  On the way back from the dine-around, I was able to see some of the pieces mentioned in the session. TODAY, aside from the exciting fire alarm, I co-hosted the Emerging Leader Meeting.  So many interested parties, I was beside myself.  I was so nervous, but understanding that as a Council member, I'm "setting the example," I stepped in and gave it my all.  I made some contacts and look forward to recruiting new council members for the upcoming open seats.  If you're reading this and want to know more, contact me, contact Rebecca anyone on the council and get involved!! I am also looking forward to leading the Resume Review "Talk Turkey or Tofu" session today from 12:00p - 2:00p.  This is part of the Career 360 track which is working towards creating synergy and connectivity between Emerging, Mid-career and seasoned career milestones.  Jennifer Wijangco and I will be reviewing resumes and providing tips for cover letters and interviewing with a corporate eye.  Grab your lunch and join us!!  Get to know others, create a support network with those interested in the same topics you are...that's always the first step in setting up a network and getting to know people. My final plug for the day—EMERGING LEADERS RECEPTION—World Cafe Live, 6:00p - 8:00p. Shuttles start at 5:30p.  Join us, introduce yourself, learn more about the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network!!  Signing off, Ruby Classen

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