Printing Partners: A Long-Standing Supporter of the Arts

Posted by Michael O'Brien, Jul 18, 2014 0 comments

Michael O'Brien Michael O'Brien

Printing Partners, a 2011 BCA 10 honoree, believes that arts organizations not only provide entertainment, but also enhance the quality of life in our community, educate children and broaden minds. We support the arts for these reasons, but reap many additional benefits in our partnerships with these organizations.

Printing Partners has long-standing collaborations with theatres, performing arts venues, dance schools and companies, arts festivals, symphony orchestras, choir groups, and operas. We believe that these collaborations not only benefit the arts organizations through sponsorship, but also benefit Printing Partners, our employees, and our families.

These partnerships have a direct impact on business by lifting our brand identity and increasing brand awareness to our target markets. They also provide opportunities for collaborations with companies that share our values, boost employee morale through employee engagement, and provide a great form of client entertainment.

Our commitment to build audiences for the organizations we support gives us the opportunity to expose the arts to those who wouldn’t normally experience them. This commitment also allows us to sharpen our skill set by testing new marketing tactics with those we sponsor.

We are proud to have been included in the 2011 BCA 10 and will continue to support the arts because it is good for business.

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