Fighting for a Well-Rounded Education

Posted by Tim Mikulski, May 29, 2012 2 comments

Pennsylvania is quickly becoming a hotbed for arts education advocacy. Just a little over a week ago, I found this video from York, showing how students protested the loss of art and music in a proposed budget.

Today, I became aware of a movement in Upper Darby (just outside of Philadelphia) under the banner Save Upper Darby Arts. This group came together to advocate for a well-rounded education that includes "music, art, library studies, physical education, technology, and foreign language curricula" at a time that many districts are choosing to cut some or all of these classes in order to save money.

This well-made video explains everything you need to know...

Well, almost.

In addition to their main website, Save Upper Darby Arts has also created a petition, Facebook page, and Twitter account to back their campaign.

They are also planning a trip to the State Capitol on June 6 in support of more local education funding.

We wish them well and encourage you to support them in this effort, as well as any local efforts happening in your own community.

The group's mission sums up how many of us feel:

"We must change the public discourse when it comes to public education, or else resign to a downward path to the future. Let’s protect what works educationally, instead of demolishing it in the goal of saving what hasn’t worked for decades."

Change only happens with action and clearly the residents of Upper Darby are ready to make some waves.

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May 30, 2012 at 9:50 am

Not a problem, Sue! For our readers, since yesterday's publication, Upper Darby native Tina Fey weighed in with her support, reaching out to fellow celebrities for help. Tom Hanks even contributed a Tweet in support.

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Sue Nitz says
May 29, 2012 at 11:18 pm

Thank you for drawing attention to our cause, posting our video and giving information about our petition. Our community is passionate about the Arts, and the proposed budget cuts and 'Academic Realignment' are just NOT acceptable. To anyone who sees this, PLEASE sign our petition. Funding to public education is being slashed drastically! It is happening everywhere. We need to let our legislators know this is wrong! Thank you! Susan Nitz

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