Baseball bARTering

Posted by Tim Mikulski, Nov 04, 2009 0 comments

Before every major sporting event, the mayors or governors of the cities/states taking part often wager local goods and/or services on the outcome of the game (or games). When Major League Baseball's Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees made it to the World Series last week, Mayors Michael Nutter and Michael Bloomberg did not offer up the traditional items of Philly cheesesteaks or New York-style pizza. Instead, the pro-arts politicians offered up something humiliating with a side of the arts.

The losing team's mayor will have to take part in a day of service in the winning team's city, sporting their opponent's jersey in the process. If the Phillies win, Mayor Bloomberg will assist in painting one of the city's signature murals on the outside of a recreation center, and if the Yankees win, Mayor Nutter will help paint the interior of a public school.

As the TV show Glee has taught us, sports and the arts do not have to be two mutually exclusive activities, and as a fan of both, it was heartening to see the elected officials of two of our country's largest cities offering up the arts (and volunteerism) in a bet over professional sports.

As for me, I can't wait to see Mayor Bloomberg sporting the red and white stripes of the Phillies sometime soon...

For more information on the bet, visit the City of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program website.

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