A Week of School Year Successes

Posted by Kristen Engebretsen, Jun 06, 2016 2 comments

I’m always amazed at what a teacher can do with a small grant. This year, as I managed another round of grants through our partnership with Vans, I was again filled with appreciation for how much impact $2,000 can have for an arts program at a school. For the next week, Americans for the Arts will be sharing success stories from schools that were awarded Custom Culture grants.

The Custom Culture Grant Program seeks to increase visibility for and resources available to arts educators and schools across the country, in order to sustain the arts as a vital part of education. The grant program is supported by funds from the sales of the winning shoe design in the Custom Culture Art Competition (more about that competition on Friday!), which is also run in partnership by Vans and Americans for the Arts. The Custom Culture grants are awarded based on competitive applications, and preference is given to schools that can demonstrate:

  1. the grant will serve a high number of students;
  2. the school engages in successful community arts partnerships; and
  3. the school has a demonstrated need for funding.

Here are the 2015-2016 school year Custom Culture Grant Program awardees:

School Name



Susan Miller Dorsey High School

Los Angeles


LAUSD / USC Cinematic Arts & Engineering (CAE) Magnet

Los Angeles


Fenway High School



East Chapel Hill High

Chapel Hill


Belmont High School

Los Angeles


Berkeley High School Jazz Program



Dublin Coffman High School



East Los Angeles Performing Arts Magnet

Los Angeles



Throughout this week, teachers from these schools will share their own stories of how these grants were used to engage students, improve classrooms, and inspire communities.

Stay tuned! 

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gingerofthetree@gmail.com says
December 23, 2016 at 2:48 am

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Susan Miller Dorsey High School and Belmont High School actually are the best in L.A. so far. Custom Culture Grants helped them improve their professional activity and educational process in general.

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January 09, 2017 at 3:31 am

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