Round-up for Aspirations and Reflections: Emerging Leaders in Public Art Administration

Posted by Ms. Patricia Walsh, Sep 08, 2014 0 comments

Nine Lives by Peter Reiquam, Photographer: Benjamin Benschneider Nine Lives by Peter Reiquam, Photographer: Benjamin Benschneider


What a great week filled with aspirations and reflections from emerging leaders in the public art field!

Thank you to all of our bloggers who made this salon a success by sharing their thoughts and inspiration for their thoughts and inspirations on their careers and the future of the public art field.

Reading these posts throughout the week has given light to some of the great talent that will be guiding the future of public art. We heard from Kati Stegall reflecting on how we can keep up with the changes happening throughout the country and from Meredith Frazier Britt, an up-and-coming city planner who is eager to work with public art (we need more of her!)

We also heard from:

This has been an inspirational week of examining what the future has in store for our careers and the field as a whole. I hope you are inspired as I am of all these new professionals in the field. In reflecting on the future from Washington, D.C., I quote our 16th President Abraham Lincoln who said “The best way to predict your future is to create it”, and I can’t wait to create the future with all of you.


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