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Dr. Bill Bronston

As part of National Arts and Humanities Month, we are featuring stories about some of the events people are holding around the country. Sacramento-based nonprofit Tower of Youth, an organization dedicated to organize and promote digital literacy, education system modernization, a world class media workforce, economic and community development through its training, partnership networking and media showcase programs, will hold its 15th Annual North American All Youth Film & Education Day October 7. Dr. William Bronston, CEO of Tower of Youth, had this to say about the event and the importance of youth media art:

Youth media art is the ultimate challenge to the status quo in the education system. District and education industry leaders seem unable to guide us into a truly 21st Century 24/7 individualized and customized learning system. The digital toolbox is limitless. It is revolutionizing all our lives! It is imagination and competence, visionary leadership, school redesign courage that are desperately needed by our children who seek connection, wisdom and inspiration, by instinct, in their lives.

Our youths best movies, from across North America, show, over and over, for the 15 years we have produced these showcase events, their hunger for value, vitality, problem solving, wonder, antidotes to fear and dangers to body and soul they seriously struggle with. Their movies tell the whole story and do so with absolute creative wonder and originality. Visual media jobs and career growth rates dominate the economy but are officially uncounted.

The choice we face is not whether digital technology works or whether it will totally revamp education as we know it. The question is what is the supreme role that parents, teachers and policy leaders must deliver to instill meaning, social engagement, wisdom and great skills in all our children? Denying where the ultimate responsibility rests drives our soaring school drop outs rates ... and ultimately sacrifices America.


The 15th Annual North American All Youth Film & Education Day will be webcast live on October 7 from 9am-5pm. For more information on the event, please visit

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