Consider Creating a Conversation this October

Posted by Stephanie Hanson, Aug 19, 2011 0 comments

Since Americans for the Arts started the Creative Conversations program in 2004, in response to the feedback and initiative of the Emerging Leaders Council, the program has grown to serve over 50 communities and about 2000 individuals each year. Through Creative Conversations, we have witnessed the creation of strong local emerging leaders networks that still exist today, observed communities start a cultural or strategic planning process, and helped unify groups of people engaged in arts and culture to help spark dialogue, spur advocacy efforts, and create networking opportunities.

While the Creative Conversations program was initially created by and for the Emerging Leaders Network, we have seen and welcomed interest in the program from other networks and individuals as well. Having the structure of a national movement connected to a community’s grassroots initiatives can provide a framework and timeline for enacting a new project or bringing different groups of people together around a single issue.

This year, we are officially expanding the Creative Conversations program to invite and encourage individuals, organizations, and networks of all types to host an event, and engage their community around a cultural topic or issue that is of importance to them locally. You can view ideas for previous Creative Conversations here.

I also want to thank the Emerging Leaders Council and Network for continuing to demonstrate such strong community leadership. In this instance, imitation is the highest form of flattery, as the Creative Conversations program is a perfect example of how emerging leaders in the arts are helping to pave the way for new ideas, new partnerships, and new engagement strategies.

If you or your organization wants to engage your community around creating new ideas, new networking opportunities, new partnerships, or new strategic plans, then consider hosting a Creative Conversation this October and plug in to the national movement taking place during National Arts & Humanities Month.

Click here to find out more information about hosting a Creative Conversation in your community and download our host toolkit.

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