ArtCast: An interview with Edward Clapp of the 20UNDER40 Project (part 1)

Posted by Stephanie Hanson, Nov 13, 2009 0 comments

Take a listen to Part 1 of this podcast interview with Edward Clapp, Editor and Project Director for 20UNDER40. This conversation is a follow-up on the great discussions we had about emerging leaders in the arts during the 20UNDER40 Blog Salon on ARTSBlog, October 19-23. Edward discusses the initial actions that sparked the idea of 20UNDER40, and recounts some other discussions and debates that took place after he launched the project.

With more than 70 blog posts and 150 reader comments, the Salon offerings can still be found using the tag Salon_Oct_09.

Be sure to check back on ARTSblog for part 2 next Friday!

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