Corporate Culture (from Arts Watch)

Posted by Emily Peck, Oct 28, 2009 1 comment

Across the country, bankers painted, insurance agents rocked, and lawyers took to the stage to demonstrate their creativity and passion for the arts.  Take a look at what these organizations are doing, just a sample of the creative partnerships that have been popping up in the arts and business world.

In Nashville, businesses put together bands and performed in the First Annual Music City Corporate Band Challenge. Bankers, insurance salesmen, plumbers, and surgeons took part in this contest which demonstrated the musical talent of the city and promoted Nashville’s status as "Music City USA." AllState Insurance Company’s The Good Hands Band, Myers Company’s Next of Kin, The Nashville Symphony Association’s Phil & the Harmonics, and Vanderbilt University’s Soul Incision were among the competitors in the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville’s first annual Corporate Band Challenge (which, incidentally, was won by MTA’s band, “Transit').

In Kansas City, the business community displayed their talents as artists, performers and writers in the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City’s Creativity from the Cube.  This popular juried exhibition, where employees display their talents to their colleagues at in-house employee programs, saw entries from more than 700 employees at 25 companies. The winners presented their work to the greater community at Art/Work Week – a weeklong celebration in Grand Hall of Kansas City’s Union Station and on The Copaken Stage at H&R Block.

At the Cleveland Play House, local law firms that supported the production of the courtroom drama, “Inherit the Wind” were able to pick lawyers and clients to take on non-speaking roles in the play.  Law firms reported strong interest in taking on the roles.

These companies participate in the arts because, as the strong employee turnout demonstrates, the arts are an important part of their employees’ lives.  We’ve also seen that involvement in the arts can lead to a more engaged staff!

Have you taken note of any different and exciting partnerships in your community? We’d love to hear about them, so let us know by adding your comments!

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October 31, 2009 at 1:13 pm

Might not now be an ideal time to play off of the battered pubic images of banks, investment firms and some corporate giants in terms of garnering their support for worthwhile community causes such as the arts?

I interned for an arts organization a while back that has a very savvy director who thought to seek out funding from Walmart. She saw they were having a public image problem and so she devised a development plan to go after a large donation from them to support a special initiative we were working on. Naturally, I do not want to name names or organizations.

The moral of that little story is: when big corporate giants like Walmart get in PR trouble, they are seeking out ways to change course; to counter all the bad press they receive. What better way for them to do that than to give to a cause that supports something as worthy as funding as arts education programming for under privileged children? It works in favor of both parties: we get our money, and they get their good press. It's a win-win.

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