ArtCast: Summarizing the Arts Ed Salon and Asking You About Your Personal Art Inspiration

Posted by John Abodeely, Sep 25, 2009 2 comments

John Abodeely, Manager of Arts Education at Americans for the Arts, discusses the success of the Arts Education Salon on ARTSblog. The Salon, which concludes today, features 60+ posts by a diverse gathering of more than 20 arts education stakeholders--from parents and teachers to teaching artists and government officials.

Click the Salon Sept 09 blog tag to see all the blogs from this online event. It's never too late to comment on something that interests you.

And as we mentioned in this audio podcast, answer our question of the day, with your comment below:

What person in your life-- teacher, family member or otherwise--sparked your interest in the arts?

2 responses for ArtCast: Summarizing the Arts Ed Salon and Asking You About Your Personal Art Inspiration


September 25, 2009 at 5:04 pm

While family members and elementary school teachers got me interested in reading at an early age, it was my high school teacher Don Perryman who helped me realize the real joy of creative writing. I attended his weekly afterschool writer's workshop for all four years of high school. His enthusiasm for teaching and sharing creative writing went far beyond a typical extracurricular activity at a public school.

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October 01, 2009 at 1:52 pm

My Mom was my earliest inspiration for the arts. She and her family were constantly singing and dancing at family gatherings. It's part of the fabric of the Filipino/Filipino-American subculture that I grew up in and it translated to many of us having creative hobbies. My own pursuits include theatre, dance and music, but the awareness of those disciplines opened me to others like visual arts and media arts. I feel lucky that it was an important part of my family life, or else I think my arts education purely from school would have been lacking. My Mom continues to inspire me - now in her retirement years, she's voraciously and joyously taken up jewelry design. Thanks Mom!

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