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Feeling faithful...stuck to private sector tract.

Trends in corporate giving and Arts giving from small business. Corporations: volunteer program is the largest growing segment. Good news for cities and regions with BVA programs.

Members of the Corporate Volunteer Council in Los Angeles informed me that creating individual volunteer opportunities for their employees are difficult. It's much easier to sign up 500 people for an AIDS walk. It falls to us to make it easy for the HR departments to tap into their most important asset knowledge capital , allowing us to leverage their knowledge, advice and expertise into stronger, better run arts organizations. However give this a read before you take advice from a corporate type.

Other keys to corporate support: Donor-centric proposals. It's not about you, it's about them.

Provide outcomes and even center their name and logo in the proposals.

Most importantly in the small business sector: ASK !

Will from Arts & Business Council NY told a story of how Symphony Space in NYC was the first to ask ZABAR'S to donate to the arts. No one had ever asked. First year $10K table at a benefit. Year two they signed on for a program at $60K. Year three they were the name sponsor of the Upper West Arts Fest at $250K.

It pays to ask. the Fortune 500 folks get asked ALL THE TIME. Can you find the icon of the community that's never been approached?

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