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If we arts administrators thought we had a herculean task before us, imagine the plight of the placard-carrying savior seeking to shepherd the lost to atone for their sins as we walked along the Freemont Street Experience tonight. Little did she know we (and by we I mean me) were quietly judging the Barbara Krueger-esque (minus the art) aesthetic of her sign as we craned our necks to watch the specially commissioned Jenny Holzer truisms live on the biggest screen on the globe (self proclaimed.) As a jaded, ex-New Yorker who now lives in LA it takes a lot to impress me and a multiple block long LED light display filled with a few minutes worth of Holzer's truisms above head as the drunken gamblers stumbled along was just this side of transcendent. Thank you to all the Sinners who made that series of moments possible for me and the unwashed masses with their to-go cups.

Vegas, baby! Sin city, I wish her luck. Makes my work seem a little easier.

Meanwhile...back on The one at the Flamingo, or really inside the flamingo.

I'm sticking mostly to the Private Sector track, I may be a bit promiscuous, time will tell. Day one - I'm faithful.

Innovator: Mark Brewer

We demand the "new" from innovators. Brewer delivers!

Pop vocabulary quiz!


Then a lengthy comp/contrast of donors vs. philanthropists. Rumor has it the power point will be available...look for it.

Otherwise my biggest take away was a name for the holy grail...

SFC - this is the infamous new non-profit /for profit hybrid model everyone's been alluding to for the last few years in reports at conferences and working papers, etc. Socially Focused'll notice no link as I can find neither a google entry nor a wikipedia. Stay tuned, we'll be hearing more from those three letters that aren't the Senate Finance Committee. Brewer indicated that white papers are forthcoming and that corps would receive tax credit for their work in what is traditionally been the non-profit sector.

Also Brewer warned us to keep a head's up on these two fronts:

HR 4


Educate yourselves! If these pass the entire landscape may change.

Lunch. Economic impact. We matter. Big time. Further information and analysis of this elsewhere.

Los Angeles is not in it. Official word I heard was NY and LA are absent as to not skew the numbers.

Something tells me the fact the LA's Department of Cultural Affairs was undergoing a leadership transition may have had a little something to do with it as well.

Get thee to hear Tom Cochran speak. Laugh riot. Not power to the people. Power to the city. PC is nowhere in this man's DNA. He proceeded to slight states, the feds, rurals, other countries, everyone but CITIES in his few minutes at the podium. Truly hilarious!! Can't wait for him to come to LA at the end of the month and rattle some cages, I need more of this dude! Tom, the dude, on the economic impact:

It's time to stop being nice.

It's money, baby!

As the head of the California Chamber of Commerce said at a recent California Arts Council meeting: "If you're this big multi-billion dollar sector, start acting like it!"

Tomorrow I'll continue with updates about the private sector funding sessions.

A hint...take away number two: Ask!

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray to Jenny Holzer that I may dream of more and bigger and better..."Protect me from what I want!"

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