Experiencing Freemont Street

Posted by Emily Cornwell, Jun 01, 2007 0 comments

The 2007 conference kicked off with a bang. Opening night activities included a reception at the Clark County government center and a visit to the Fremont Street Experience, where vintage Vegas neon meets high-tech entertainment. The centerpiece of Fremont Street is the overhead canopy with more than 12 million LEDs -- this is the world's largest video display, which is used to project a variety of video productions each night.

Friday night's video art included The Drop, where a single drop of water is a portal to a fantastical underwater realm filled with colorful fish, mermaids, manta rays, and even showgirls made from flowers. In addition to The Drop, conference attendees were treated to a special installation by the conceptual artist Jenny Holzer. Holzer's work For Las Vegas included her characteristic use of words and phrases and a special message for AFTA members.

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