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June Social Media News: Snap Map, Twitter Revamped & More

Monday, July 3, 2017

Don't feel left in the dark—HubSpot's got you covered! Check out the latest updates for Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and start using them in your next posts. 

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Sophia Bernazzani

What Makes Things Cool?


Ever wonder what exactly makes things cool? Is it the design? The look? The product itself? In this “You Are Here” episode, explore the inner workings of this concept in correlation to designer Raymond Lowey’s (Shell, Coca Cola, Greyhound) familiarity approach along with various studies that prove people tend to subconciously graviate towards the familiar. 

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Serendipity & Evolution

Jennifer Ferro is the President of KCRW, a nonprofit public radio station based in Los Angeles, CA. Her journey started when she was asked by a friend to volunteer for the station to help record a dance concert and 21 years later she's now overseeing the innovation within the organization. On Innovation Crush, Jennifer discusses the importance of building community, having creative freedom amongst your team, and instilling trust amongst your listeners.

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How to Market to Generation X and Baby Boomers on Social Media

Each generation uses social media in various ways, whether the amount of time they're using it per week is longer than other generations or that they gravitate towards one particular outlet over another. As marketers, we need to keep this in mind, so we understand how to create a better strategic plan for our online campaigns. This inforgraphic focuses solely on how Generation X and Baby Boomers use social media, and how you can use this to inform and improve your online marketing campaigns.

This infographic focuses on how Generation X and Baby Boomers are using social media, and how you can use this to inform and improve your online marketing campaigns.

Citipost Mail
How To Market To Each Generation On Social Media
Part 2
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Citipost Mail
One Pagers
Citipost Mail, 03/17/2017
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March 17, 2017
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Using Google Analytics: An Essential Guide for Social Media Marketers & Small Business Owners

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Google Analytics is a crucial tool for any digital marketer, but it isn't exactly the easiest to understand. Start with these basics and learn how to set up your account, track metrics, integrate Google Analytics into your website, set up goals, and boost your sales.

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Disha Dinesh

How Googlers Avoid Burnout (And Secretly Boost Creativity)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

For many of us it's hard to detach ourselves from work. We've got so much going on that it's difficult to truly enjoy the weekends and our time off because our minds are constantly running with things to do. Chade-Meng Tan noticed this within himself and among his fellow Googlers and, in an effort to fix the issue, created a 7-week mindfulness mediatation course for Google employees called Search Inside Yourself. This course helped his coworkers learn how to separate work from their personal lives, and Google saw it as such a necessity that they asked him to teach full time for their Personal Growth department. Being intentional about resting is so crucial—not just for the obvious personal reasons, but to help boost your creativity and promote success for your business. So relax! Stop what you're doing and go for a quick run/walk, even take a nap, or check out this article to see some other helpful relaxation methods. Our best ideas come when we're least expecting them, so do yourself (and your business) a favor and rest.

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Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness

This Shocking Detail Is Going to Change the Way You Use Instagram

Friday, May 12, 2017

Create & Cultivate is an organization that meets in various cities around the country to gather women who are curious creatives and entrepreneurs and discuss topics geared towards marketing & branding. To showcase Instragram—one of the top social media platforms—a panel at their New York event centered around how to maximize its use for business with panelists from Instagram. Claudine Cazian (Head of Entertainment), Lila King (News & Publishing Partnerships), Lauren Wirtzer Seawood (Head of Music Parternships), and Virginia Nam (Fashion Partnerships) discussed the necessary tips and tricks to gain Instagram success. From emphasizing the power of Instagram Stories to using the Explore section, check out this advice from the people who know it best.

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Create & Cultivate

NAMP IGNITE Talks: What does it take to be Innovative?


In this NAMP Ignite Talks, Chris Denson, Director of Ignition Factory at OmnicomMediaGroup USA and Creator/Host of Innovation Crush Podcast Series, discusses what it takes to be innovative from a business perspective. From building a diverse team to learning how to preemptively problem solve and approach the various aspects of discovery in today’s world, learn some quick tips on how to thrive as an innovator.

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Make It For Your Audience's Audience

How to create things that help themselves get shared
Thursday, May 25, 2017

One of the major goals in social media is to not only get a lot of "Likes" on our posts but to turn those likes into shares so that we're constantly reaching a new and wider audience. Unfortunately this isn't an easy task and could possibly stem from us focusing in on the wrong people. In this article, Steve Bryant explores the idea of getting shares from having our content centered around writing for our audience's audience. 

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Steve Bryant


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