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Universal Design Thinking

Having lost his ability to walk at age 5, and the ability to breathe solely on his own later in life, Dr. Victor Pineda has grown to become the consummate multi-hyphenate: scholar, professor, activist, filmmaker, international guest speaker, social design thinker, and White House appointee under President Obama. His day job affords him the ability to travel the world, working with governments, businesses, and locals on inclusion initiatives for persons with disabilities. His passions afford him a creative twist on everything he does, from adapting and creating new technologies, to working with the likes of Microsoft and the UN. On Innovation Crush, Victor dishes on several principles of innovation from universal design thinking, to the power of simplification, to policy change. More at

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The Many Hats of the 21st Century Arts Marketer: There is a Solution

Posted by Norah G. Johnson, Mar 28, 2017 0 comments

Realizations about trends in our field like multiple hat syndrome helped inspire a new program to support, strengthen and advance arts marketing and audience engagement skills in Pennsylvania.

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NAMP Ignite Talks: Digital Trends

We live in a digital first, mobile first world. Now’s the time for arts and cultural marketers to meet audiences where they are.
In this NAMP Ignite Talk, President of Capacity Interactive, Inc. Erik Gensler joins David Wyatt, Co-founder & Business Director of Wyatt Brand in discussing why arts and cultural organizations should adopt video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, and share tips for effectively leveraging it. 
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The 11 Generation Z Statistics Advertisers Must Know

The Top 11 Generation Z Statistics For Every CMO
Friday, March 17, 2017
Born in the time between the early 1990’s and the mid-2000s, Generation Z occupies a nebulous age bracket. Even so, the individuals that make up Generation Z have many characteristics that make them easily distinguishable from the preceding generations. Most significant, though, is Gen Z'ers affinity for the Internet. As “digital natives”, Generation Z presents a unique challenge and lucrative opportunity for digital marketers.
We’ve collected the major Generation Z statistics to give marketers a better picture of this developing consumer demographic.
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Diversity + Inclusion = A Winning Strategy

Posted by Floyd Green III, Mar 09, 2017 0 comments

If we’re going to talk about diversity, we also have to talk about inclusion. Diversity acknowledges and celebrates the differences we all bring to the world. Inclusion is about picking up all of those differences and putting them to work together, and using them to drive designed and desired outcomes. Diversity and inclusion are critical at Aetna, particularly when we think about our consumers—they don’t all look and think the same way. Our employees must be diverse so that our strategies and services are diverse, leading to a practice of inclusion that allows our customers to receive the support that best suits them individually.

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2016 National Arts Marketing Project Conference - Opening Keynote with Adam Lerner


Adam Lerner doesn't shy away from the ridiculous, and that's because the risk is not in failure or criticism, but in not taking the chance to begin with. In his keynote, Dying of Excellence, he explores courage: how do we, as arts leaders, find our courage to go outside the conventional? Through anecdotes and lessons, you will learn the secrets to keeping life, energy, and libido in your organizations—and, ultimately, how to not die of excellence.

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