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Columbia, South Carolina
On a trip to teach and learn about cultural districts in South Carolina, I was struck by the desire of each district to develop relationships with the others and to work together to promote each other’s cultural assets and build knowledge about the state across the state.
Do your part for public art—check out the #KRISArtofGiving campaign
KRIS Wines has partnered with Americans for the Arts to celebrate the value of public art in American communities, and reward the artists who create it. They’re giving away $25,000 in prizes to artists who have recently completed projects in the United States, and your votes—up to once per day at—will determine the winners.
Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined arts education would have resulted in a professional career enabling me to work with with renowned artists including Kennedy Center Honorees Arthur Mitchell and Yo-Yo Ma to plan and deliver arts education programs.
Agency to Craft Change
If I can pinpoint one thing #BecauseOfArtsEd—it’s that the arts is a connector, it’s the social tissue that binds us together, it makes us human. When I think about my life and my education, I can’t separate the arts from it.
A Peace Corps China Experiment: Dance History to Teach American Diversity
"American Dance Corner" consisted of two lectures about American dance history with a focus on cultural diversity. The lectures were followed by choreography activities where the students expressed themselves in English and developed dance moves. The movement created was then assembled into a dance throughout series of four technique and choreography workshops in the rehearsal room at The School of Arts.
Thinking Inside the Box: The Road to Reimagining Education
I’m attracted to the idea of thinking inside the box. A 2013 piece in the Wall Street Journal, Think Inside the Box, posits, “People are at their most innovative when they work within the constraints of what they already know.”
This and That: The Classroom
In the early eighties Benny was a sixth grade student in a New York State Literary Center program on Ancient Greece that integrated ancient Greek literature in English translation, as the inspiration for student writing, with the school’s Social Studies curriculum on Ancient Greece. As part of my two-month residency with sixth grades in two schools, I invited poet, Greek translator, and Harvard professor, Robert Fitzgerald to work with me for two days.
Finding My Purpose in Music City
Walking down Broadway in Nashville, TN I instantly felt like I had arrived at the place I was meant to be. I could hear music pouring out of every door that I passed by, and I felt more alive than I ever had before. Within the first week of moving to Nashville I got to see Sheryl Crow at the Bluebird Café, and I knew that I had made the right choice in pursuing my dream of being a musician.
Expanding the Spotlight on Dance Education
Everyone can make a difference; together we can make a big difference by pushing to make sure arts programs continue to be funded and offered. By finding new ways to integrate and implement arts programs, we can help kids learn in creative and different manners.
Part 2: Interview with Frank Gehry by Terresa McCovey, student at Hoopa Valley Elementary School
Renowned architect and Artists Committee member Frank Gehry talks about "The Simpsons," modern communication, and the difficult decision to change his name in part two of an interview with a California student.
Part 1: Interview with Frank Gehry by Terresa McCovey, student at Hoopa Valley Elementary School
Renowned architect and Artists Committee member Frank Gehry talks about his inspiring grandmother, Frank Lloyd Wright, and defying a professor's expectations in part one of an interview with a California student.