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Museums Are The Biggest Job Creator You’ve Never Heard Of

OK museums, it’s time to talk money.
Friday, March 17, 2017

Government funding to museums is being cut in many countries. It’s often seen as a ‘soft’ money-saving option, more palatable and re-election safe than cutting hospital staff or free school meals. Even as a museophile, I can’t deny that museums seem less essential than hospitals, schools, or roads.

Announcing the Launch of the new National Arts Marketing Project Website!

Posted by Laura Kakolewski, Jan 25, 2017 0 comments

We listened to your needs and built a website that is simple to navigate, while providing the educational tools you need to market the arts in today’s competitive landscape.

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Marketing the Arts: Lessons from a Community Marketing Collaboration


"The Charlotte MSO today is led by a senior marketing executive with a full-time staff of 10 plus one part-time employee and a commissioned sales representative. The mission of the MSO is to improve the overall quality of marketing, increase revenues and build audiences for each of the four participating organizations — Opera Carolina, Charlotte Repertory Theatre, North Carolina Dance Theatre (NCDT) and the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center." [Executive Summary p. 4]

Everyones Internet Art Car Weekend Orange Show Center for Visionary Art Sponsorship Case Study


Everyones Internet (Ev1. Net) Art Car Weekend is an annual public art festival in Houston, Texas that celebrates the drive to create. It draws more than 1,400 participating artists from around the U.S., Canada and Mexico and a live audience of more than 150,000 for a parade and related events. Now 18 years old, this event has inspired other art car events throughout the US, but Houston's Art Car Weekend is a signature event, the biggest and best. This case study discusses the need and process of gaining sponsorships for the program.

Monograph: Cultural Tourism: Bridging America Through Partnerships in Arts, Tourism and Economic Development

Date of Publication (formatted): 
Tuesday, December 31, 1996

To build a long-lasting relationship, culture and tourism must join hands in collaboration, implementation and communication.


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