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Passing Storms Installed at the Oregon State Hospital in Junction City, Oregon

Posted by Catherine Widgery, Aug 15, 2016 0 comments

“Passing Storms” portrays the changing weather as metaphor for unpredictable and shifting states of mind. As the residents and visitors move through the hospital courtyards, they see the cloud and rain sculptures subtly change depending on the angle of the light and the color of the sky. 

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A Factory Lost & Found in Pittsburgh

Posted by M. Michelle Illuminato, Aug 15, 2016 0 comments

The “Lost & Found Factory” tapped into our personal memories of singular connections we have to special things. These objects may be small or large or abstract and unwieldy, and yet somehow they all have been etched onto our minds. They act as symbols for relationships, relics of important moments, or as souvenirs that take use back to places we have experienced. 

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Arts & Culture Plays a Leading Role When Welcoming the World into a Community

Posted by Karen Gahl-Mills, Jul 15, 2016 0 comments

We believe that art empowers us all. It inspires social change. It encourages community dialogue. It is a way that we connect with each other. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture looks forward to showcasing our tremendous cultural assets—and to helping visitors and residents alike find inspiration and beauty during their time in Cleveland for this important political event. 

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It’s All About our Base

Posted by Ms. Barbara S. Goldstein, Jun 29, 2016 0 comments

Like most urbanized parts of the U.S., Boston’s demographics have changed dramatically in the last 30 years and so has tone of conversation. Anyone who attended this year’s Americans for the Arts conference could see and feel the change. 

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Seven Reasons to Become a Public Art Leader

Posted by Ms. Barbara S. Goldstein, May 31, 2016 2 comments

Barbara Goldstein is an Americans for the Arts member and recipient of the 2016 Public Art Network Award. Find out more about the Americans for the Arts Annual Leadership Arts Awards.

Usually when people ask me what I do and I say “public art planner” a lot of confusing questions follow. Many lay people identify murals and public sculpture as public art; others consider public art to be concerts in the park, painted utility boxes and Cows on Parade ™

I’m here to tell you that, yes, public art is all those things. But most of all, public art is a practice that creates a partnership between artists and stakeholders to create art in the public realm where people can discover it without having to pay admission.

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