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Going Big on Giving (from Effective Leadership of a Cause on Facebook blog series)

Posted by MacEwen Patterson, Oct 08, 2009 0 comments

When I first started as an Administrator on the Cause that speaks loudest to me, Keep The Arts In Public Schools,  I didn't know the first thing about organized giving.

I contributed a big chunk of change and then I learned about how to leverage it. Since then, I've spoken with people at foundations who have both good and bad things to say about setting unreasonable goals and creating matching grants.

We're SO fortunate in our Cause because there is no amount of giving or striving that hinders the benefit we provide for our benefactor. Just because we are lucky, doesn't mean everyone will be, so please apply the following experience I share with a bit of perspective on how it can truly serve you.

Before I was an administrator of my Cause I wanted to organize what I called A Day of Giving. Mostly because I was interested in generating a result with the Cause to make other people take notice. We were brand new into a new administration and I could tell the national thermometer was still taking the temperature.

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Tomorrow's Leaders = Arts x Economics (From ArtsWatch)

Posted by Marete Wester, Oct 07, 2009 0 comments

The 51st Annual Meeting of the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) is taking place this coming weekend in St. Louis. If you think this might be an unusual place to be rewarding artistic excellence along with business and economic acumen, think again.

Sharing the awards spotlight with venerable economist Dr. Larry Summers, director of the National Economic Council, who will receive the Adam Smith Award. Dr. Summers will be justifiably honored for his “leadership in the profession and the use of ideas and knowledge in the workplace and policy arena.” As a main member of the Obama team whose mandate is to help guide the country out from under the crippling effects of a deep recession, we are counting on his innovativeness and leadership skills.

While Dr. Summers will be honored as the distinguished leader that he is, Allison Elder and Kyle Clifford O’Brien will be recognized as the leaders they promise to be.

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More on Structured Giving (from Effective Leadership of a Cause on Facebook blog series)

Posted by MacEwen Patterson, Oct 05, 2009 0 comments

Last entry we covered Personal Pledges. Those are great as an individual and encouraging people to do that is really powerful. It helps people see that the circumstances of their lives can align to support their goals, even when it seems impossible at first.

Its amazing what $10 can prove to people. Also, the feeling that people get when they give to something important to them is huge.

When I got started with Keep the Arts In Public Schools our average giving was around $400 per week. We now average around $1000 per week and its going up.

Another place to encourage people to go is to set-up a monthly contribution. This can make a huge difference for a Cause that genuinely wants to have an impact. With a membership that regularly contributes $10 a month, instead of twice or three times a year, the possible leverage can quadruple.

Our membership (they probably don't even know this) have been recognized in national newspapers for their level of contribution, and most of them only give once or twice a year. Imagine if our Million plus membership gave $10 each a month.

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