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Greetings from Asheville, NC

Posted by Diane Ruggiero, Dec 03, 2008 15 comments

Before I start blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Diane Ruggiero and I am the Superintendent of Cultural Arts for the City of Asheville. My division is in the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department and I oversee public art, cultural arts programs at our 11 recreation centers and 50+ parks, and festivals. The position has been here for almost six years and my one-year anniversary is in January (although some days it seems that I’ve been here longer).

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Raising Audiences: The New Imperative

Posted by Matt Lehrman, Dec 02, 2008 3 comments

There's a story of a farmer who wants to teach his horse to give up eating.  "Think of the money I'll save," he boasts to his neighbor.  And every day, the farmer teaches his horse a little more, by withholding a little more food.   A couple of weeks later, his neighbor sees the farmer walking to town.  "Where's your horse?" he asks.  "Bad luck," replies the farmer, "Just as soon as I taught that horse to eat nothing at all - he died!"

This isn't a parable about your marketing budget.  Of course it's been cut.  It SHOULD be cut.  I don't know an arts organization that doesn't need to exercise extreme budgetary prudence.

This is a question about your audience.  How well are you feeding your organization the new audiences it needs to survive?

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Posted by Christopher Jagers, Nov 28, 2008 0 comments

Barry has asked us to introduce ourselves, so I will begin by saying that I am extremely honored to be a guest blogger here. I am an artist, entrepreneur and a HUGE web-advocate with an interest in technology of all kinds: old, new and the intersection between the two. I believe the Internet is not only an efficient tool (for almost everything), but it is changing how we think.  I will be posting about both of these things.

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