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Task & You Shall Receive: Wisconsin's Forces for 21st Century Arts Education

Posted by John Abodeely, Sep 16, 2008 0 comments

New, critical support for arts education is mounting from business, government, and education. Wisconsin leaders are capitalizing on these opportunities in unparalleled ways.

By Karin Wolf, Arts Program Administrator, Madison Arts Commission, City of Madison, Wisconsin

On a cool Wisconsin evening in early September, dozens upon dozens of people gathered at the Promega Corporation’s world headquarters in Fitchburg, WI, to honor a distinguished guest on the occasion of his 91st birthday. Promega Corporation has offices in 12 countries and is a worldwide leader in innovative biochemistry and molecular biology technology. Though their special visitor was someone who was carefully selected to be an inspiration to employees, he was not a famous scientist or leader in biotech sales. In fact, his success did rely on a finely tuned understanding of chemistry and a knack for business, but that is not why he was invited.

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