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How a Trip to the Lincoln Center Changed Everything I Thought I Knew About Teaching

Posted by Dr. James Buss, Sep 12, 2016 0 comments

During our time at the Lincoln Center, the resident artists put us through our paces. The eight faculty members, including myself, were asked to sing, make music, act, and construct pieces of art. For those of us who were biologists, political scientists, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, English professors, and historians, we had never been asked to take such actions in this way.

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Because of Arts Education

Posted by Jeff Poulin, Sep 09, 2016 1 comment

Whether an educator, architect, doctor, volunteer, or accountant, we know the arts have had some impact on you. We know the arts develop certain skills in people that prove essential. We know that those skills lead to successes in work and life. Now is our time as a field to share these stories of impact with decision makers. 

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In Support of Theatre and Dance Teacher Credentialing in California

Posted by Ms. Kristin Kusanovich, Sep 07, 2016 0 comments

California, known for its creative economy among many other things, offers no teacher credentials in dance or theatre. California Dance Education Association has been hard at work on this issue this year, and a bill restoring these credentials is slated to be decided upon by California Gov. Jerry Brown in early September.

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