Economic Stimulus: Be Smart Invest in Art

Posted by Liz Bartolomeo, Feb 07, 2008 2 comments

Even though Congress is still working on the final details, an economic stimulus check from the federal government is likely coming your way in a few months. So if you are not going to deposit your check into your savings account or pay off that nagging debt, why not skip that new designer handbag, iPhone, or flat-screen TV, and put some of the money towards a proven economic revitalizer—the arts?

The nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $166.2 billion in economic activity every year and supports 5.7 million full-time jobs. The arts provide the key to community revitalization and economic development while still being true to their fundamental purpose: to delight, to inspire, to challenge, to educate. Investing in the arts attracts and retains creative professionals, and helps foster a vibrant environment that is vital to community culture, entertainment and a thriving economy.

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