New Year, New Career Goals

Posted by Nora Koerner, Jan 24, 2008 0 comments

New Year, New Goals

By now, you've probably made a few New Year's resolutions: lose weight, quit smoking, or be more organized. But have you set career goals for 2008? Are you where you expected to be at this point in your career?

With the new year comes new insight and a fresh opportunity to reflect on where you've been and where you want to go. Peter Weddle, a leading expert in human resources, offers an idea called Career Fitness, described below.

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Do you know someone who is making a difference?

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Do you want to acknowledge an exceptional arts education leader?
Do colleagues call you an arts advocacy superhero?
Did a business executive in your community go above and beyond for the arts this year?

It's time to recognize their hard work.

Americans for the Arts presents the Annual Awards to honor the achievements of leaders committed to enriching their communities through the arts each year. For every path an arts professional's career might take, there is an award that is right for them:

Alene Valkanas State Arts Advocacy Award
Arts Education Award
Emerging Leader Award
Michael Newton Award for United Arts Funds Leadership
Public Art Network Award
Selina Roberts Ottum Award for Arts Leadership

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New Research on Arts Audience Attitudes and Behavior

Posted by Gary Steuer, Jan 08, 2008 0 comments

LaPlaca Cohen, in partnership with Discovery Communications and Antenna Audio, has recently released Culture Track 2007, a new national study (actually the fourth done by them since 2003) looking at attitudes and behavior of cultural audiences.  (The report is available from the LaPlaca Cohen Web site) Conducted by e-mail, the results are unusually immediate, and because of the previous research, historical trends can also be reviewed. The research also breaks down the survey respondents into Frequent Attendees (who attend at least one arts event/month) and Infrequent Attendees.  Some the of the 2007 results show little change from past studies, and I will focus here on the trends and what I see as the particularly enlightening findings:

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