Five Ways Arts Education Is Closing Opportunity Gaps in Guilford County

Posted by Nathan Street, Jul 20, 2016 0 comments

With the help of local partnerships, our public school district of 72,000 students—66 percent of whom are minorities, and 62 percent of whom live in poverty—has created a number of new opportunities for students in the visual and performing arts. And our focus on arts education is paying off, resulting in higher achievement and more chances for traditionally underserved youth to shine.

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Who Gets Your Vote This Election Season? The Arts!

Posted by Robert L. Lynch, Jul 19, 2016 0 comments

Getting the word out to elected leaders about the inherent and practical value of the arts is critical. As Americans for the Arts has done for the last three political conventions, we will make the case at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia for better policy and support for the arts and arts education in America. 

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My Voice: Celebrating Native American heritage

Posted by John Haworth, Jul 18, 2016 0 comments

Lakota culture and tradition remain a guiding light—the beacon from which the community has drawn from and used their cultural and artistic practices to both honor their ancestors and rally their communities towards solutions. There is no question that traditional cultural and artistic forms root individuals in a shared history, connect them in expression, and help them look towards the future.

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Arts & Culture Plays a Leading Role When Welcoming the World into a Community

Posted by Karen Gahl-Mills, Jul 15, 2016 0 comments

We believe that art empowers us all. It inspires social change. It encourages community dialogue. It is a way that we connect with each other. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture looks forward to showcasing our tremendous cultural assets—and to helping visitors and residents alike find inspiration and beauty during their time in Cleveland for this important political event. 

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On Value: What Does Art Have to Do with America? by Robert E. Gard

Posted by Mr. Clayton W. Lord, Jul 15, 2016 0 comments

"If I could wish for one thing in this life it would be that I might live long enough to hear the music of the American spirit emerging from thousands of fine civic orchestras in large places and small; see good plays, joyously presented and viewed in every American community almost every night; see fine pictures by native American artists decorating the walls of a multitude of American homes of every economic status."

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