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April 15, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Thanks Dana!
I can't wait to come back to my hometown "America's Finest City" San Diego ~ Fish tacos, flip flops, and free art....YES!

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April 26, 2011 at 2:09 pm

We Anggraini Batik Art need help for find way cooperation,collaboration,exhibition Batik Art with Community Art,Public Art in San Diego this SUMMER TIME 2011. Please help
us to Save & Conserve with we Can Participate Many Programs Arts
in Community Art,Public Art San Diego. We concern about save &
Conserve Batik Art. and one important to us is we want share free
Education Batik Art for Community Art,Public Art San Diego.
We Are very hope lot young generation in San Diego Interest,learn
Study,inherited Batik Art with us.
Please Community Art,Public Art in San Diego visit us to view
Anggraini Batik Art Process Making BATIK ART Using By Foto,Video :

facebook : anggraini batik
blog : batik anggraini art & culture
e-mail : anggraini.batik@gmail.com

Together we can save & conserve Batik Art with give us Opportunity,
Space,Place,Time for workshop and Share Free Education Batik Art
for Community Art,Public Art San Diego. Thank you for your attention
and we will wait your cooperation San Diego.

Anggraini Batik Art & Culture

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April 22, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Thanks for the invite,
Roslyn Mazzilli

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April 26, 2011 at 2:12 pm


Batik history closely linked with the development of the Majapahit kingdom in java land. So this art of batik in Indonesian has been know since the time of Majapahit kingdom and continue to grow the kingdom and the king of the next. The spread of this batik art belongs to the people of Indonesian and java in particular trible is after the end of the 18th century early 19th century. Produced batik, batik of hand made until the 20th century. While batik is know only after World War 1 end/ 1920. Batik arts is art images on the fabric for garment which became one family culture Indonesia king of old. Batik initially done only limited in the palace alone and proceeds to dress the king and family and his followers. Because many of the follower of the king who live outside the palace, the art of batik was brought by the palace and carried them out in palace of each.Long batik art is emulated by ordinary people to fill his spare time. Next batik art and culture had been the royal family became a universal art and culture.

By: Anggraini Art & Culture


Please visit us to get process Batik Art Traditional using photo and video

Blog : batik anggraini art and culture
Face book : anggraini batik


Indonesia is the 3rd country in the world. Government does not good,clean,the system does not work,society does not good result in the traditional Batik Art marginalized and disappear by itself from human civilization.

The absence of Government role towards the continution & preservetion of traditional Batik Art to our youth from school first,second,third. And interest in our younger generation to want to learn this traditional Batik Art absent minded because our young generation that traditional Batik Art is the Art of past that did not fit with the world of young now.

The really in our society the majority of Indonesia young generation really like to study modern Art like

Music : Linkin park,metallic/alternative music
Modern dance
Media Art

And it’s fair that our younger generation would rather learn the modern Art of the Traditional Batik Art because it invotves a choice. Our young generation very pratical,minded,learning the traditional Batik Art is very complicated compored to those studying modern Art. The role is parent who lock all suport for their children want to learn and preserve traditional Batik Art.

Turn of the era towards the more modern civilization we are forcing to leave the Traditional Batik Art and changed like studying modern Art. Our people are aware that traditional Batik Art is the Art of classic and unigue. Consciousness that is limited to enjoying the Art work,not in consciousness to want to learn & preserve the traditional Batik art. Nothing is eternal human when changing the younger generation our generation no one will be performers of traditional Batik Art and traditional Batik Art will become a memory without a trace.


America is the first country in the world. Good government ,the system work, good society. We strongly believe and hope that the traditional art of batik can live and thrive in American society. The American government, society, families can receive traditional batik arts education because, the society America can better appreciate the process of a traditional batik art.
We Anggraini Art And Culture hope American people, Children, Young people more willing to learn, inherit the traditional batik art.

In the area of good society in American, We Anggraini Art And Culture are very confident of traditional batik art can live, develop in to an unlimited creativity towards a better quality of life.
We Anggraini Art And Culture hopes to work with :

Government Arts and Culture
All Arts and Culture Education Council
All Organization Education Foundation Art and Culture
All America who care about traditional batik art education

Money always come and go, but the traditional batik art will always live as long as people want to learn it and preserve it.

We will wait for their cooperation and thank you for your attention.

We Anggraini Art & Culture always open arm share education Batik art for young generation in American Society.

We Anggraini Art & Culture expect lot could provide share free education Batik Art to young generation, community Art, public Art in American Society. And we hope the young generation in American Society many who want to study, learn, inherited the Batik Art to good creativity in quality life for future. Please we Anggraini Art & Culture always open cooperation, collaboration, exhibition and share free education Batik Art with

All Council Art & Culture in American Society
All Organization non-profit concern save & conserve Batik Art for young generation in American Society.
All Organization Humanity Art & Culture which mission give share education for young generation in American Society.

Please All council ( Government ), organization, community Art in American Society sincere intentions by the way we want share free education for young generation should not be judged by money/ compersation to us. Please just give us space, time, place to preserve the Batik Art in American Society by providing education is more enough for us.
God hopefully soon bring us creativity is unlimited in American Society. Thank you very much for your attention.

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May 08, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Thanks for the invite. My family lives in SD and I would like to spend more time there. Currently I commute between Tucson and SD. I have applied for the scholarship to attend the conference and Really put out positive vibes about it! Yes San Diego is America's Finest city!! It is my birthplace and I will always call San Diego my true hometown :~)
Thanks so much for all the posts on opportunities that I so look forward to - your efforts appreciated!!
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (4 legged kids count too!)

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